Your KRA as a CASI fellow

As a CASI fellow, there is a certain responsibility and accountability on you. It is imperative that you coach younger generations on the concepts and applications of CSR and sustainability.

There is a specific KRA in place for every CASI fellow credential holder. Such a KRA is on a yearly basis and the onus of supplying information that this KRA has been achieved lies on the credential holder.
The following KRA is set as of now. Such KRA’s will be set for fellow credential holders on a time to time basis.

  1. Lectures
    • A minimum of 12 lectures per year to be conducted at corporates or any education institute.
  2. Writing white papers and Articles
    • A minimum of 1 article per year to be submitted to CASI
  3. Interviews
    • A minimum of 2 interviews per year on sustainability to be submitted.
  4. Conferences / seminars
    • Optional requirement, But essential to submit details if the credential holder has participated as a speaker on any sustainability / CSR seminar / conference.


Why KRA?

  1. Continuous engagement
  2. Continuous enhancement of knowledge
  3. Sharing best practices
  4. Promoting the cause of sustainability and CSR
  5. Handholding corporates and professionals in the field of CSR & sustainability