Write for CASI

All credential holders are encouraged to write for CASI. Not only can they assist in designing portion and supplementary material but they also write on the CASI site on the blog.

Maintaining certification requires that senior professionals write white papers and case studies, such a practice ensures a splendid platform for professionals to showcase their abilities and thoughts on the topics.

Competitions are various levels are a part of the agenda at CASI. Professionals and students alike are encouraged to write essays on sustainability.

Student members, fellows and academic leads are encouraged to consult for corporates. CASI initiates such actions and assists consultants for the same.

CASI certified academic leads and fellows have their Curriculum vitae on the site. This is an excellent medium for corporates and think tanks to reach out to our credential holders.

CASI covers the topics of CSR & sustainability which are relevant across all industries, locations, management functions and across the hierarchy.

We encourage

We encourage academicians, students, researchers and working professionals to contribute. The idea is to present to our members an in-depth discussion / presentation of an idea / advance in CSR / Sustainability thinking and its application in the real world of business. These articles should help our members launch an intellectual agenda for discussion and change within their companies and lives.

Articles and contributions may follow but are not restricted to the below mentioned themes
1. New Idea / New Practice
2. How we did it – a corporate story board
3. Presentations used to teach / guide your class
4. Case-lets on sustainability practices of corporates
5. Local area work, for example CSR undertaken by cooperative housing societies, mohalla committees and student body networks are especially encouraged to submit their stories.
6. Work undertaken by NGO’s
7. Opinion board : for consultants and senior working professionals
Please ensure you do not infringe copyrights, Please mention source of idea / story