Why should you enroll for the Academic Lead Certification

What’s in for you?

Apart from an exclusive but highly prestigious credential & being a part of an exclusive network, engagement as an academic advocate offers you the following benefits

Enhance your Knowledge

Relentless pursuit of knowledge reflects. It reflects on your action, speech and your career. It creates an impact on how people and society at large perceives you. It effects your overall persona and the positioning.
As an Academic Lead you will not only interact with our committee members but the academic resources available to you ensures you are in touch with the leaders in business and have constant access to the latest in sustainability and CSR: be it case studies, interviews or techniques.

Enhance your career Prospects

The Academic Lead may submit research, case studies, interviews and surveys for assessment. Selected research material may be posted to the CASI web site.
Such a credential ensures you are in the limelight thus showcasing your candidature and research to decision makers.
Ease of networking with top managers and decision makers ensures that you are better prepared to author case studies and reading material on how businesses can practice and embrace sustainability with profitability.

Train and guide model citizens who consider sustainability as a primary business objective

As a full time faculty you strive to create knowledgeable and worthy citizens. An added focus on embracing the cause of sustainability across disciplines is a sure-shot way to ensure your students are professionals who understand the basics and importance of CSR and Sustainability. This creates a profound respect amongst peers and recruiters.

Enhance your network & resources

As an influential member of your institute, CASI understands that you value the education your students receive and the direction it gives them in deciding what they will do in their careers. Becoming a CASI credential holder, through the Hon. Academic Lead Program or through our various certifications CASI gives you access to an abundance of resources that will not only assist your students but benefit you as well.

CASI certified professionals from across the world have a background across a variety of professions. Some are in the most senior ranks, others are at middle management levels and still others are new to the field. They work in nearly all industry categories, including financial and banking, government, service industry and manufacturing.

As a part of such a network you are in touch with some of the brightest minds from across the world.

Conduct lectures and seminars on Sustainability & CSR

A credential from CASI positions you are a subject matter expert. Thus creating a demand for your opinion: not only at education institutes but also across corporates trying to design or practice sustainability across their policies and processes.

Help design teaching tools

(Hon.) Academic Lead may submit research, case studies, interviews and surveys for assessment. Selected research material may be posted to the CASI web site.
You are also invited to undertake interviews of leading professionals and may post the same on CASI blog sites.
Further, as we constantly evolve with new products, The Academic Lead will assist the institute in designing new products: design and delivery.

Work on Case Studies

The CASI network ensures you are in touch with some of the brightest minds. Such an access allows you as an academician to author case studies.

Network with CxO’s and other fellow members

CASI is a world class network of some of the finest and brightest professionals keen to integrate sustainability practices across corporate policies and processes. Such an open network and blog allows you unlimited access.

Placements for your students through our network of likeminded Business Leaders with a focus on sustainability

Corporates prefer employees with knowledge of CSR and Sustainability. CASI being the foremost and apex certification institute is always in the limelight. Since most board members and decision makers and faced with the daunting task of ensuring CSR and sustainability across their business models: they are always on the lookout for professionals with knowledge of CSR. CASI provides such a platform.

Create a CASI Sustainability Chapter at your campus

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Conduct & assist in training sessions at Corporates

A CASI credential is a great way to present your candidature to corporates keen to train employees in sustainability and CSR.
Moreover, your profile and activities are mentioned on the CASI website and e-mailers. This gives corporates an insight on selecting the right trainer or an academic advocate as a consultant.  With more and more corporates eager to train their employees and an increasing number of corporates keen to understand how to incorporate sustainability in their business models; this presents a great opportunity for professors to secure consulting contracts.

Value for (Hon.) Academic Advocate

Enhance your students’ career prospects while you enrich your professional resources. Educators find value in CASI Credentials as a (Hon.) Academic Advocate because

  1. You prepare your students for the job market: and today every corporate has an affinity towards employing students with an understanding of CSR & Sustainability
  2. You receive access to CASI resources
  3. You get access to case studies
  4. You get access to member blog
  5. You get access to the exclusive CASI network
  6. You attract students; since a core faculty with CASI credentials is a guarantee that the curriculum includes sustainability. This designation helps students find schools that offer the programs they need and allows colleges and universities market their programs to recruiters seeking students with specific qualifications.
  7. Encourage students to network and get involved
  8.  Your CASI network helps placements
  9. You can utilize your CASI credentials as a preferred trainer for corporates
  10. Great way to establish a consulting career especially in the field of strategy / CSR / sustainability

Key CASI credential Benefits for (Hon.) Academic Lead

Professional Development

  1. CASI Model curriculum helps develop your program on CSR
  2. CASI model curriculum helps integrate sustainability studies within business, finance and other core subjects
  3. As an academician you have access to the latest and cutting edge research and thoughts reflected in CASI blog

Research & Knowledge

  1. CASI certified professionals include some of the world’s foremost thinkers and decision makers. Such a network gives you a ready access to case studies & research
  2. Academic research is a vital part of any curriculum. Academic Lead can submit research & case-lets for evaluation and posting to the CASI site
  3. CASI helps universities and institutes implement, deliver and support, monitor and evaluate various course material & subjects intermingled with sustainability. Our material specifically supports teaching sustainability in the classroom.


  1. Recognition for your Institution. Institutes that have adopted a CASI Model Curricula are eligible for recognition on the CASI web site. This designation helps students find schools that offer the programs of CSR & sustainability. This allows colleges and universities market their programs to recruiters seeking students with a knowledge of CSR. With more and more corporates preferring such candidates; this becomes a positive cycle for the institute.
  2. Institutes and Schools that have established an CASI Student Group, usually with the assistance of a local chapter, are also eligible for recognition on the CASI web site. CASI Student Groups provide education beyond the classroom and access to professionals in the area, preparing students for their careers and developing future leaders.
  3. An Online Community of Academic Lead provides convenient access to an online network of colleagues. Community participants can access information, exchange expertise and experience, and build new understanding through collaboration.
  4. Special rates on CASI Certification.
  5. Promote CASI certifications for students and Open the Door to Future Employers, Professional Knowledge and Resources for Your Students. CASI  Student Membership offers the benefits of CASI credentials to students at a significantly reduced rate


  1. A dual focus is essential. One of the core subject that your student is enrolled for, and two sustainability. Every business vertical, every employee has to contribute to the cause of sustainability and CSR.  It is essentially our responsibility to create future leaders with an understanding of CSR & sustainability.
  2. Institutes where professors and students have knowledge of CSR, will reflect thought leadership. This definitely reflects on placements and resulting in a higher enrollment for the institute.

Patronage from leading corporates

  1. As a member of the CASI network, you have access to decision makers and business leaders. Such a network gives you an edge in placements for your students.
  2. Corporates prefer to recruit employees with an understanding of CSR & sustainability. As a member of the CASI network you get this upper edge.


  1. A blog of likeminded CASI credential holders, a network of decision makers with a focus on CSR, this is the base of the CASI network.
  2. A global membership allows you to network with some of the most brilliant minds from leading corporates globally.
  3. CASI credential holders are characterized by diversity since they come from across the world and across various business verticals, however they are united by a focus on sustainability.

* Professors who do not qualify for a Honorary certification may apply for the Academic Advocate certification. This is a six month program. Write to us for details.

Consulting Career

  1. Given that the KRA involves conducting seminars and training programs, this becomes an excellent way to setup your consulting practice
  2. Local chapter members comprises of leading industry practitioners: giving you an easy access for training sessions and approach for consulting assignments
  3. CASI is not a training body but a certification body: this ensures that your priority becomes our priority since CASI complements your efforts

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. CASI Member with an inclination towards sustainability & CSR
  2. CASI Credential Holder preferred
  3. Full time / Adjunct Faculty for a recognized institute / school / university
  4. Minimum 3 years of professional or academic experience
  5. Familiar with CASI credentials, membership, benefits and procedures.
  6. Ability to commit 12 hours per month for CASI Activities
  7. Prior experience of Voluntary activities is preferable.
  8. Prior experience of developing or teaching business strategy is preferred.
  9. Good presentation and communication skill is a must.
  10. Should have experience in delivering lectures/presentations/ at various public events/ seminars/ conferences
  11. Applicants should ensure necessary approvals as per with his/her organizational policies prior to taking up the role. A declaration to this effect should be included in the application form.
  12. CASI reserves the right to accept and or reject applications without assigning any reasons

Apply for the Academic lead program

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