What is a Student Chapter

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

What is a CASI student Chapter?

  1. CASI Student Chapters (CSC) encourages education beyond the classroom by allowing students to network and learn from each other, and connect with a supportive group of professionals.
  2. Primarily a CSC helps the student develop an experience and expertise in sustainability and CSR.
  3. While CSC’s do not require CASI Student Associate Certification, a CSC gives students the opportunity to get to know CASI by interacting with professionals at events, blogs and other communication.
  4. By participating in a SCS, students gain knowledge and experience that moves them ahead of the competition when they graduate. And develop a network for life.

Planning Checklist / going ahead

  1. Email to studentchapter@CASI.com stating your interest
  2. Understand the guidelines and process of setting up a student chapter
  3. Honorary academic lead / advocate: understanding how your institute and professors can benefit from the student chapter
  4. Reaching out to regional chapters and regional directors
  5. Contributing knowledge at CASI
  6. Reaching out to corporates


Fees – The student member of a CSC does not have to pay any fees to CASI. However a basic charge of INR 150 would be applicable for the Identity card.
Name – a CSC at XYZ institute of management (Mumbai) would be called CASI XYZ Institute (Mumbai) Student Chapter


A ‘CASI XYZ University Student Chapter’ is a virtual association based at the education institute. This is formed as collaboration between CASI and XYZ university.
Link to by laws and guidelines

Complimentary certifications for your professors

Institutes with a CASI student chapter are eligible for two complimentary certifications for professors.

To start a CASI student chapter (CSC), Please encourage a faculty member to be become a Hon. Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.

Student representative

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