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Why Chose CASI?

With a CASI qualification, you will join the first certification institute for CSR & sustainability. You will be able to use the CASI certification / Logo and be part of a truly global network. This is not only a certification; but a thought process; a way of life. At CASI you have the opportunity to join millions of like-minded professionals with varied business backgrounds.  As a CASI certified professional, you not only earn the respect of corporates and communities alike but also get priority on various fronts including placements. As a CASI certified professional, it is imperative that the worlds looks at you differently. You bring a sustainability guarantee.
With millions of corporates struggling to build in sustainability within their business models, the CASI certified professional stands apart and is often looked upon to bring in CSR and sustainability angles with businesses and business models.

The CASI certification is a powerful differentiator.

With millions of students graduating every year from various business and other schools, the differentiator is a single question, “what else do you bring to the table? What skill sets do you have, which set you apart from others?
A CSR certification is a great differentiator.

Combine CSR with Business

There is simply no option.
More and more corporates are searching for the perfect cause to support. Identifying a cause is no longer easy. In the yesteryears corporates identified the cause which was closest to the heart of the promoters, or even the cause which was a fad. A few corporates identified causes which helped build a stronger and a better nation and a society.
Going forward, causes will no longer be identified and supported this way.
The right cause is one which your business model supports. The CASI philosophy : “CSR is not the way you spend your profits, but the way you earn it ion the first place” is not being the underlying philosophy adopted by all corporates globally.
Thus, an Increasing demand for employees with a certification in CSR and Sustainability

Combine Sustainability with Business Models

It’s not the way you spend your profits: but how you earn it that describes your sustainability quotient!!
The ability to combine business with sustainability is highly recognized by corporates;  the CASI credential is the first step towards developing such an ability.

Boost your earning Potential

While there are other candidates possibly with your experience and expertise, a CASI certification sets you apart.
Corporates are keen today to 1. Integrate their CSR & sustainability preferences with their core business models. 2. Have employees who can engage in CSR and societal welfare along with their regular jobs. 3. Given the 2% mandate from Indian government, corporates will scout for best available options. A CASI certification is the key, the answer to all these

The certification

The certification not only adds to your knowledge and CV value, it also ensures that you remain in touch with the latest in CSR, sustainability and accountability. The CASI membership which comes with the certification ensures you network with some of the best minds from across the world.

The exam format

30 multiple choice questions: 45 minutes
Designed by some of the best minds at IIM
And a yearly membership qualification criterion ensures that you continue to grow with CASI.


INR 2999/-
Link to payment here
And additional fee for maintaining your credential is applicable. Please refer link for the same.

Reading material

Online material, access is granted to students on payment of fees. This reading material is updated every six months.
Apart from the portion for the examination, students, members and credential holders are advised to regularly go through interviews, opinions and other material available on the CASI website. Staying abreast with the latest on sustainability is a promise you make when you undertake a CASI membership.


  1. Unit 1: Introduction of CSR
  2. Unit 2: Stakeholders in CSR
  3. Unit 3: Current Trends in CSR
  4. Unit 4: Ethics, CSR and Corporate Behavior
  5. Unit 5: Performance Evaluation and Reporting
  6. Unit 6: Implementation of CSR
  7. Case studies.

Admissions requirements

If you are a student at a graduate, post graduate institute, we encourage you to enroll for the certification program.

Other Programs

Regional chapters

CASI has regional chapters in multiple cities and has planned for similar chapters across the world.
Participation in a regional chapter gives you a face to face access with some of the best minds from academic and corporates. A CASI credential gives you free membership to a regional chapter.

Link to Regional Chapter

Student Chapters

CASI encourages students to form student chapters at education institutes and universities.
Memberships to these chapters are free* of charge. Along with free memberships to students, two professors are also eligible for a free certification**

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