The Program Academic Lead

Academic Lead (Honorary Academic Lead)

Academicians and professors have an opportunity to benefit from CASI credentials as Honorary / Academic Lead.

This is certification aimed at faculties teaching disciplines across all subjects in Masters, Post Graduate, and graduate level programs, at universities and/or colleges offering one or more degree courses. The faculty member, thus applying for the certification is expected to be a full-time, or a recognized adjunct lecturer, but exceptions can be authorized by the university. Faculties working for approved institutes / universities are eligible for a Honorary Academic lead Certification. Please reach us on / to understand how to get your institute / university affiliated / approved for the honorary certifications.

In addition to complimentary certification and associated benefits, (Hon.) Academic Leads have access to CASI resources, such as case studies, model Syllabi and other valuable teaching aids — in exchange for agreeing to share their own teaching materials and for helping to promote CASI Student Membership and more importantly the cause of CSR & sustainability.

The Idea

Sustainability is gaining strength from various quarters including shareholder activism, educated stake holders and the community at large. CASI philosophy is that a higher level of understanding of sustainability and CSR will lead to improved action and result in over all good.
CSR is clearly not an actionable for HR department as a silo: the imperative lies on every employee and every citizen.
CASI believes that it is imperative to share and collaborate across industries and academia to build the knowledge, solution and talent for this challenge.

CASI is creating a strong tradition of research & collaboration with academia and to further enhance this, the goal of Academic Advocate is to strengthen and expedite these alliances by reducing barriers and complexities in the understanding & adoption of the best practices of CSR & sustainability.

The initiative also intends to use various engagements to develop relationship with institutes starting with knowledge awareness initiatives, student projects, curriculum enablement development tuned to current industry needs and collaborative research. This will be supported by vibrant and sustained interaction with students and academia using platform where academia, students and organizations come together to discuss, share, build knowledge and create future directions.

(Hon.)/ Regular Academic Lead Program

CASI Academic Lead augment their own career prospects whilst providing students with the direction & guidance in thought process they need to achieve successful careers.

Two faculty members per institute/ university / college across disciplines: are invited to become Hon. Academic Lead of CASI.

Expand your scope as an academician. Through CASI’s Academic Advocate Program, educators have the opportunity to guide students from the classroom to the workspace; providing a higher level of knowledge, network and experience they need to establish successful careers.

KRA’s of a (Hon.)Academic Lead

  1. An Academic Lead functions as an ambassador of CASI.
  2. They will act as an intermediary between CASI, their institute, students & local corporates in order to help them adopt the best practices & develop an understanding of sustainability & CSR.
  3. This will host activities like seminars, workshops, events and build relationships with students, faculty and professionals.
  4. They will be interacting with industry experts, consultants, entrepreneurs and peers from across the world.
  5. The core objective being identifying, supporting and developing passionate professionals across all verticals to identify & work on opportunities of sustainability with in their work and studies
  6. To support the CASI advocacy efforts and garner support, visibility and space for sustainability & CSR
  7. To conduct 12 lectures / seminars a year on sustainability and update CASI on the same: for students of your institute and other institutes also
  8. To conduct 12 training programs on Sustainability and CSR: specifically for corporate employees (optional)
  9. To support the cause of CASI by writing atleast 1 case study / case let (per year) and submitting the same for CASI website / blog

Eligibility Criteria: For the Academic Lead Credential

  1. CASI Member with an inclination towards sustainability & CSR
  2. CASI Credential Holder preferred
  3. Full time / Adjunct Faculty for a recognized institute / school / university
  4. Minimum 3 years of professional or academic experience
  5. Familiar with CASI credentials, membership, benefits and procedures.
  6. Ability to commit 12 hours per month for CASI Activities
  7. Prior experience of Voluntary activities is preferable.
  8. Prior experience of developing or teaching business strategy is preferred.
  9. Good presentation and communication skill is a must.
  10. Should have experience in delivering lectures/presentations/ at various public events/ seminars/ conferences
  11. Applicants should ensure necessary approvals as per with his/her organizational policies prior to taking up the role. A declaration to this effect should be included in the application form.
  12. CASI reserves the right to accept and or reject applications without assigning any reasons

Maintaining your certification

All Academic Lead certifications are valid for a period of 36 months
Post this period, a re validation of the credential is essential.
The goal of the CASI Continuing Professional Education Policy is to ensure that all credential holders maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field of CSR, Sustainability and accountability
PLEASE REFER LINK FOR DETAILS (maintain your certification link here)

Is this program for you?

  1. If you are a professor across any vertical and wish to learn and subsequently teach sustainability / CSR, then this credential is right for you.
  2. If you are a professor and consult on business strategy, then a credential in sustainability is essential for you.
  3. If you are a professor and with to network with some of the best minds across the world, then a CASI credential is right for you.
  4. If you wish for your students to network and learn from some of the best minds as to how does a corporate integrate sustainability in its core business model, then a CASI credential is ideal for you

Highlights of the Program

The Format

The procedure to attain the coveted CASI academic lead credential is in two parts. An online examination based primarily on our reading material and then a choice between a thesis or writing a case study.

Part 1: Online Exam**

100 questions: objective with multiple choices.
120 Minutes

Part 2: Thesis Writing or Case Study

In addition to the written exam, participants keen to have the coveted CASI fellow credential have to write a thesis related to CSR or Sustainability. They may opt to write a case study in lieu of the thesis.

Topics for the Thesis

The participant may opt for any one of the following topics for the thesis.

  1. Any one the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact
  2. Any one of the nine principles of national voluntary guidelines: India
  3. CSR Framework
  4. Sustainability framework for a specific Industry

Thesis Format

  1. 50 to 100 pages
  2. Including case studies supporting the principles from your country of origin
  3. Interviews of atleast 2 senior working professionals involved in CSR or sustainability: these professionals should have handled a budget of a minimum of USD 500,000/- towards CSR.
  4. Please note that this thesis is an open document and CASI reserves the rights to publish the same on its website or other communication material.


Case study requirements

  1. Detailed case study of a corporate house having sustainability strategy intertwined with its business strategy OR
  2. Detailed case study of CSR activities of a corporate house
  3. In both cases above the corporate should have a turnover of more than 5 Million USD.
    The idea of a case study is to examine a successful model and help spread best practice. The case study should help readers and practitioners identify venues for sustainability, understand processes and replicate within their business practices.

Please select any one: either a case study or a thesis.

Additionally, References

Two references are required.
Please fill in details of these references. CASI will initiate an email to your references.
CASI Academic lead credential will be issued on completion of all of the above requirements.


For education institutes associated with CASI, the certification is provided at 90% subsidy
For professors of other institutes INR 25,000/- OR USD 500/-
Payable at time of enrolment

Additional costs

An additional cost in terms of maintaining your certification is applicable.
Please refer link for the same.

Apply for the Academic lead program

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