The Fellow Program

What is a Fellow Program?

The Title Awarded: A CASI felllow is not only a coveted credential but also a title. A preferred Title worldwide. Once you clear the CASI Fellow certifications, you will use the title in your name

For Example: CASI Global CSR Fellow Elizabeth Smith | CASI Global Sustainability Fellow James Hunt

“CASI Global CSR Fellow” | “CASI Global Sustainability Fellow”

Two credentials, one Goal: To be known and acclaimed for knowledge and work in the fields of CSR & Sustainability. Students are requested to select any one while filling the application forms. If you are unsure, please reach out to CASI regional office bearers or the secretariat to discuss the right options.

The CASI fellow credential is an examination which allows the certificate holder to showcase his excellence in CSR & sustainability. It is a certification bestowed upon you once you showcase your knowledge and execution capabilities in the field of CSR / Sustainability. It is a platform where you ideate, plan and execute a project that benefits your company, stake holders, customers and / or the society as a whole. This is in form of a thesis. In addition to this: a fellow certification is your promise to engage young minds in CSR and sustainability through lectures and white papers.

Highlights of the Program

The Format

The examination to attain the coveted CASI fellow credential is in three parts. An online examination based primarily on our reading material or  a thesis or writing a case study.
And a presentation on the topic And Finally References.

Part 1: Online Exam

50 questions: objective with multiple choices.
60 Minutes


Part 2: Thesis Writing or Case Study

As an option to a written exam, participants keen to have the coveted CASI fellow credential may opt to write a thesis related to CSR or Sustainability. They may opt to write a case study in lieu of the thesis.

Topics for the Thesis

The participant may opt for any one of the following topics for the thesis.

  1. Any one the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact
  2. Any one of the nine principles of national voluntary guidelines: India
  3. CSR or Sustainability processes  and work undertaken at their own company

Thesis Format

  1. 60 to 100 pages
  2. Including case studies supporting the principles from your country of origin
  3. Interviews of atleast 2 senior working professionals involved in CSR or sustainability: these professionals should have handled a budget of a minimum of USD 500,000/- towards CSR.
  4. Please note that this thesis is an open document and CASI reserves the rights to publish the same on its website or other communication material.


Case study requirements

  1. Detailed case study of a corporate house having sustainability strategy intertwined with its business strategy OR
  2. Detailed case study of CSR activities of a corporate house
  3. In both cases above the corporate should have a turnover of more than 5 Million USD.

Please select any one: either a case study or a thesis.

Part 3: Presentation (Compulsory)

This is a compulsory assignment. A 25 to 35 slide power point presentation on the thesis or the case study is required.
Audience of the presentation
This presentation has to be made keeping in mind a specific audience. This has to be either for corporates or for management / post graduate students.
If this is for corporates, this has to enable them to use the case study or the principles in designing their CSR or sustainability strategy. Effectively this has to enable them to create a business strategy intertwined with sustainability.
In case the presentation is for students, the idea is to inculcate sustainability in their thinking and actions. The presentation should enable them to understand your main theme and they should be able to identify opportunities to inculcate sustainability norms / CSR norms within their day to day actions.

Part 4: references

Two references are required.
Please fill in details of these references. CASI will initiate an email to your references.
CASI fellow credential will be issued on completion of all of the above requirements.


INR 125,000/- OR USD 2500/-
Payable at time of enrollment

(Installment scheme available, please reach out to or )


  1. Batches are scheduled (tentatively) for January | April | July | October, Admissions are open 90 days before the batch is scheduled.
  2. The Fellow Program is a 11 Month program

Additional costs

An additional cost in terms of maintaining your certification is applicable.
Please refer link for the same.

Who should participate?

This program is recommended for senior working professionals.
A high level of understanding of sustainability from business point of view or a high level of understanding of CSR is essential.
Participants with lower levels of experience or expertise are encouraged to attempt the associate / pro examination and then applying for the Fellow credential
You are right for the fellow credential, If you have experience in
Strategic leadership: participating in strategic decisions which affect your organizations future direction and success. OR
Technical leadership: are accountable for technical issues and matters at board level, or if your supervisor who is at a board level. OR
Operational leadership: are accountable for operations at board level or if your supervisor is at board level. OR
Functional leadership: experience of leading functional areas within an organization at a board level or if your supervisor is at a board level. OR
Consulting Experience: if you have a consulting experience of over 7 years
Academic Experience: if you are a full time / part time faculty for over 7 years

A fellow credential is an assurance of the highest level of knowledge and application expertise on CSR & sustainability. A CASI fellow is conferred on people with proven expertise and experience in intertwining CSR with corporate strategy.

Procedure for Assessing applications

Each application is checked to ensure that all of the requisite information required by the assessors is complete, together with the requisite fee. The application will be assessed by members of the Panel of Membership Assessors (Fellows of the Institute/ regional directors).
If CASI assessors are unable to award a Fellow credential, they will provide reasons why the application fails to meet the criteria and advise the applicant if additional information is required.
CASI reserves all rights to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning any reasons.

Maintaining your CASI Fellow credential

Click here for more information.

How does a CASI fellow credential effect you

A lot has been said and written lately about CSR certifications. And the trend is on the rise. In today’s job market, leadership positions are becoming harder and harder to obtain, fewer postings are available on job boards and when positions do arise, thousands of resumes from applicants all over the country flood the HR departments for every single position.

With no end in sight, it’s important to understand what’s happening with hiring organizations and how a CSR / sustainability certification affects your job search. It is easy for an overworked HR department to shortlist candidates on additional credentials and qualifications obtained by a candidate.
A candidate with a certification in CSR or sustainability definitely stands out.

Application process & Selection Process

This is an open enrolment program, however since CASI offers multiple certification program, candidates are advised to select the right one based on experience and expertise.
A fellow credential holder is the highest certification award from CASI and there are certain expectations from a Fellow in terms of engaging with younger citizens and enhancing their knowledge on CSR and sustainability.

Application Process

Please read the processing applications mentioned above

Selection process

Refer note on applications above
+CASI management reserves the right to grant honorary fellowships.

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