Role of the Regional Chapter

  1. To disseminate knowledge of sustainability & CSR and to enable professionals from all walks of life to come together on a common platform
    1. Through seminars, training & events and networking
    2. To professionals, institutes, corporates & the community at large
  2. Providing opportunities to its local community of professionals for Volunteering, Networking, and Building Knowledge.
  3. Create a global network with the ability to reach grass root levels.

Connecting the DOTS…

Mentoring the Student Associate Credential holders
One of the primary goals of the Regional Chapter is to mentor the student associate certified members.  The final outcome of such mentoring is to help them in developing an in depth understanding of how sustainability can be incorporated in business strategy and also assist in placements.

Engaging with CASI Student Chapters
Students are encouraged to join the student chapters at their institutes. These are institute level arms of CASI to encourage students to learn the business implications of sustainability.  Such members may or may not be CASI certified. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to guide and handhold them.
One of the core responsibilities of the regional chapters is to mentor and guide the members of such student chapters.