Regional Directors / General Secretaries / Officers/ Office Bearers

Regional Chapters

The primary goal of CASI: to disseminate the knowledge of sustainability & CSR and to enable professionals from all walks of life to come together on a common platform: is profoundly supported by local chapters.

Regional Chapters play a very important role and manages key stake holders including CASI credential holders, academia, industry and community at large.  Finally, it’s all about empowering professionals with knowledge and skillsets to integrate sustainability within their business models.

Managing the Regional Chapter

The regional Chapter is a virtual extended arm of CASI.
The goal of the Regional Chapter is to further the vision of CASI: to promote the understanding and cause of CSR and sustainability. Such a chapter is managed by a team elected every 12 / 24 months as directed.
Members of the regional chapters: members of such a chapter may be enrolled in two ways: 1. By virtue of clearing the CASI examination. And 2 by paying the necessary fees of the regional chapter in case the person is not a CASI credential holder.
Student members of a student chapter may also become a part of the regional chapter by paying such fees.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors supervise and manage regional chapters. These are honorary positions conferred to Highly respected members of the society; mainly on accomplishments in the areas of CSR / Sustainability / community service. Regional directors are highly accomplished people dedicated to the cause of CSR and sustainability.

Regional General Secretaries

RGS are honorary position holders and assist the RD in managing the regional chapters and the student chapters associated with the regional chapter. All RGS are honorary and their primary KRA is to promote the cause of CSR & sustainability. RGS will further approach education institutes and set up CASI student chapters.

Regional Officers

RO is a honorary position usually conferred to upcoming managers and business heads. Professors are also encouraged to approach the committee for such an appointment. RO’s further assist the regional general secretaries in managing local student chapters.

The Main KRA’s are

  1. Promote the cause and knowledge of CSR & Sustainability
  2. Mentoring the Student Associate Credential holders
  3. Engaging with CASI Student Chapters
  4. Engaging with NGO’s and other bodies
  5. Speak at events and seminars and conduct atleast 12 lectures per year on CSR / Sustainability


List of Regional Directors / Honorary Office Bearers

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