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The CASI Student associate certification program is a flagship program offered to students across all streams. The underlying objective behind this program is to equip young minds with a basic knowledge of CSR and sustainability. This is in line with our core belief that “corporates prefer CSR certified employees”

Why Chose CASI?

With a CASI qualification, you will join the first certification institute for CSR & sustainability. You will be able to use the CASI certification / Logo and be part of a truly global network. This is not only a certification; but a thought process; a way of life. At CASI you have the opportunity to join millions of like-minded professionals with varied business backgrounds.  As a CASI certified professional, you not only earn the respect of corporates and communities alike but also get priority on various fronts including placements. As a CASI certified professional, it is imperative that the worlds looks at you differently. You bring a sustainability guarantee.
With millions of corporates struggling to build in sustainability within their business models, the CASI certified professional stands apart and is often looked upon to bring in CSR and sustainability angles with businesses and business models.

The CASI certification is a powerful differentiator.

With millions of students graduating every year from various business and other schools, the differentiator is a single question, “what else do you bring to the table? What skill sets do you have, which set you apart from others?
A CSR certification is a great differentiator.

“I would like to see people applying for a job…to show in their cv…that they are committed to social causes ………”
Michael Hastings : global Head of Citizenship and diversity: KPMG


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