Managing the Regional Chapter

Regional Chapters

The Idea

A Regional Chapter is recognized by CASI as a virtual local constituent, with the objective to develop a platform and facilitate professionals to come together, meet, learn, and interact on the theme of sustainability and CSR.
A local chapter enables this, by organizing events and providing opportunities to its local community of professionals for Volunteering, Networking, and Building Knowledge.

The primary goal of CASI: to disseminate the knowledge of sustainability & CSR and to enable professionals from all walks of life to come together on a common platform: is profoundly supported by local chapters.
Regional Chapters play a very important role and manages key stake holders including CASI credential holders, academia, industry and community at large.  Finally, it’s all about empowering professionals with knowledge and skillsets to integrate sustainability within their business models.

Managing the RC

The regional Chapter is a virtual extended arm of CASI.
The goal of the Regional Chapter is to further the vision of CASI: to promote the understanding and cause of CSR and sustainability. Such a chapter is managed by a team elected every 12 / 24 months as directed.
Members of the regional chapters: members of such a chapter may be enrolled in two ways: 1. By virtue of clearing the CASI examination. And 2 by paying the necessary fees of the regional chapter in case the person is not a CASI credential holder.
Student members of a student chapter may also become a part of the regional chapter by paying such fees.

Managing the Regional Chapter

The Regional managing committee under the guidance of the central board manages the Regional Chapter
The regional managing committee comprises of

  1. Regional Director
  2. Regional General Secretary
  3. Joint Director
  4. Joint Regional General Secretary
  5. Regional Director Elect
  6. Regional General Secretary Elect
  7. Regional Director Events & seminars
  8. Joint Regional Director Events & seminars
  9. Regional Director Student Coordination
  10. Joint Regional Director Student Coordination

Please note
All positions are honorary
Employer no objection certificate is preferred
CASI credential holders are preferred for all positions
All appointments are directed centrally upon requests made by the members of the regional chapter

Roles & responsibilities of office bearers

Role of Regional Director
The regional director manages the local arm of CASI.
She / He reports to the central team at CASI
Restricted view / Please send an email for details
Please mention query / CV and suggestions.

Role of regional general secretary
Role of Joint Director
Role of Joint secretary
Role of RD elect: elected but not inducted in office yet, so for next term
Role of RGS elect
Director Events & seminars
Joint Director Events & seminars
Director Student Coordination
Joint Director Student Coordination
Restricted view / Please send an email for details
Please mention query / CV and suggestions.

Process of appointing

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Please mention query / CV and suggestions.

Terms of Appointment

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Please mention query / CV and suggestions.

Connecting the DOTS…

Mentoring the Student Associate Credential holders

One of the primary goals of the Regional Chapter is to mentor the student associate certified members.  The final outcome of such mentoring is to help them in developing an in depth understanding of how sustainability can be incorporated in business strategy and also assist in placements.

Engaging with CASI Student Chapters

Students are encouraged to join the student chapters at their institutes. These are institute level arms of CASI to encourage students to learn the business implications of sustainability.  Such members may or may not be CASI certified. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to guide and handhold them.
One of the core responsibilities of the regional chapters is to mentor and guide the members of such student chapters.

Continuing being a part of the RC

Please write to

Engaging with NGO’s and other bodies

CASI regional chapter may engage with local NGO’s and other bodies for joint events and seminars. Specific permissions have to be obtained for the same.

Who can join a Regional Chapter?

  1. CASI credential holders
  2. CASI Student Chapter Members
  3. Special appointees by the central CASI board
  4. People who are none of the above may join a CASI regional chapter by paying a specific fee, please write for details

KRA’s of the Regional Chapter

While individual KRA’s may be issued from time to time, the overall KRA of the regional chapter managing committee is:

  1. Promote the cause and knowledge of CSR, Accountability and Sustainability in the given geography
  2. Organize and deliver lectures & seminars
  3. Coach and mentor the affiliated CASI student chapters
  4. Assist corporates in developing a CSR & sustainability strategy
  5. Assist Institutes and universities in designing curriculum for CSR, Accountability and Sustainability.
    • The Central board of CASI has to be informed and due permissions taken for the same.
    • The central board of CASI has to be informed about the activities in advance and all activities will be mentioned on the website / blog managed by CASI.


  6. Assist Hon. Academic Associates to set up student chapters at institutes and universities

Donations / Funds / Raising Funds

CASI is a certification institute and will not accept donations in any form.
A strict policy is ensured against donations in kind or cash
Refer note

Financing the Regional Chapters

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Be a part of a Regional Chapter
Please write to us on

Current & Planned Locations:

Multiple regional chapters are being setup
In case you wish to help setup a regional chapter, do write to us.
In case you wish to nominate someone as a honorary member of the regional managing committee, please write to us.