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CASI is a global certification institute dedicated to promoting the cause of sustainability, accountability and CSR. CASI offers multiple online certification programs.

Various CASI certifications are available with eligibility based on profession and interest of the professional. These certification are highly recognized and respected.

CASI also has a virtual presence across cities in the form of regional chapters. Regional chapters are virtual extensions of CASI. Senior working professionals and academicians are members of these regional chapters. All CASI credential holders automatically become members of these regional chapters. Additionally, CASI student chapters are present at various education institutes and universities where free memberships are available for students.

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Write for CASI

All credential holders are encouraged to write for CASI. Not only can they assist in designing portion and supplementary material but they also write on the CASI site on the blog.

Maintaining certification requires that senior professionals write white papers and case studies, such a practice ensures a splendid platform for professionals to showcase their abilities and thoughts on the topics.

Competitions are various levels are a part of the agenda at CASI. Professionals and students alike are encouraged to write essays on sustainability.

Student members, fellows and academic leads are encouraged to consult for corporates. CASI initiates such actions and assists consultants for the same.

CASI certified academic leads and fellows have their Curriculum vitae on the site. This is an excellent medium for corporates and think tanks to reach out to our credential holders.


Profiles of all CASI credential holders are showcased on CASI website and communication material. This increases your chances of a consulting assignment. Further, given that CSR rules have recently been enacted upon especially in India, corporates and consultancies are keen to reach out to professionals with in-depth knowledge of CSR & sustainability. A CASI fellow credential is possibly the best way to showcase this expertise.

Academic Lead certificate holders are professors across various institutes. These leads are encouraged to consult corporates in specific geographic locations. Student members are also encouraged to assict such professors in the consulting assignments.

Regional chapters are a medium to reach out to such corporates. Moreover maintaining certifications requires that professionals teach or conduct seminars. Such seminars and events give rise to splendid consulting opportunities.

Spread best practices

A global network comprising of some of the most brilliant minds dedicated to the cause of sustainability and CSR ; with tremendous support from corporates and think tanks ensures that best practices are shared and explored.

Access to Thesis and Case studies authored by CASI fellows

Credential holders have a free access to thesis and white papers authored by CASI fellows and academic leads.  CASI certified members include some of the foremost thought leaders from across the world, such an insight in their minds and work is very valuable for CASI credential holders.

CASI association

An association is under formation; such an association will give an unparalleled access to credential holders to interact with each other.

CASI newsletter

A news letter is being planned and will be launched shortly. This will act as a medium for corporates and recruiters to reach out to credential holders.

CASI Placement cell

Corporates are keen to hire CSR certified employees.  Be they at a management trainee level or at a director on the board level. Professionals who have a understanding of sustainable products and manufacturing would always be in demand.

Further the ability to intertwine sustainability in the business strategy is rare and in demand. One of the best option for corporates in to reach out to CASI certified professionals.

CASI certified academic leads, fellows and members have their brief curriculum vitae on the site. This is an excellent medium for corporates, placement agencies and think tanks to reach out to our credential holders

In order to facilitate the recruitments and help corporates, CASI has a placement cell.

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