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CASI is the apex body dedicated to promoting research & education in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CASI will serve as the springboard for cutting edge research; provide a talent pool for industry, create a distinct community to share best practices and serve as a platform for recruiters.  CASI will lead the way in thought leadership.

CASI pursues its mission by educating management practitioners, students and academia on corporate social responsibility and related topics. CASI also maintains strong relationships with Indian and International corporates / education institutes / think tanks/ consulting companies which can serve as vehicles for career advancement. Further CASI consults corporates and helps them develop the right approach towards CSR.  Corporates initiating a CSR program for the first time can rely on the knowledge and expertise of CASI to develop their own CSR programs.

The programs brought to you by CASI are the first of its kind. With specially focused programs in the upcoming field of CSR; now students and practitioners can avail the opportunity to develop & refresh their knowledge and develop a focused network. Our world class mentoring board ensures you have great handholding whilst pursuing the programs.

CASI’s worldwide advocacy for CSR and sustainability is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification programs, extensive research programs, chapters and student communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.

Our Mission

To promote the cause, education and knowledge of corporate social responsibility & Sustainability, through certifications, certificates, events, training and memberships for individuals, corporates and educational institutes.

The credential

With a CASI qualification, you will join the first certification institute for CSR & sustainability. You will be able to use the CASI certification / Logo and be part of a truly global network. This is not only a certification; but a thought process; a way of life. At CASI you have the opportunity to join millions of like-minded professionals with varied business backgrounds.  As a CASI certified professional, you not only earn the respect of corporates and communities alike but also get priority on various fronts including placements. As a CASI certified professional, it is imperative that the worlds looks at you differently. You bring a sustainability guarantee.

With millions of corporates struggling to build in sustainability within their business models, the CASI certified professional stands apart and is often looked upon to bring in CSR and sustainability angles with businesses and business models.

Engaging with CASI

You can be involved with CASI at multiple levels.

As a credential holder or even as a non credential holder but a supporter of the causes of CSR & sustainability.

Students have an excellent opportunity to benefit from CASI through student chapters, memberships to which are free of charge*

Working professionals will benefit from the world class network at regional chapters which are headed by some of the worlds most brilliant minds.

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As a member on this website

We encourage you to register on this site and engage with CASI, Even if you are not a certificate student or pass out. The goal of CASI is to promote the cause of CSR & Sustainability and for this we are happy to share best practices and guide patrons through this site, our regional chapters and our student chapters.

Please register on this site to be able to read interviews and contribute on the blog.

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CASI credential holders are encouraged to contribute to the field of CSR and sustainability in terms of white papers, books, presentations etc.

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