Forming a Student Chapter

CSC: CASI Student Council @ your institute / university / school / college

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

A CASI Student chapter (CSC) is complimentary

CASI has been formed with the objective of promoting the cause of CSR/ Sustainability.
One of our primary goals is to reach out to millions of students and ensure dissemination of knowledge w.r.t. CSR & sustainability.
Hence such a commitment from our side and collaboration is complimentary.

Committees at Institutes: Finance, placements, marketing etc.

Every institute has a placement committee, a finance committee and strategy committee amongst others. The purpose of this committee is to help students understand the subject better through industry interaction and assist in placements.
Similarly, a CSR / Sustainability chapter is the need of the day. Leading management institutes; like Harvard business school, IIM’s and IIT’s have a committee on CSR. Such committees are a group of students with a common goal and target formed towards promoting a specific cause.
Such a committee is a virtual group of students usually headed by a faculty for governance purposes.

Existing chapter on CSR / Sustainability at your Institute

If your institute has an existing committee on CSR / Sustainability, we would be happy to be associated with the same. CASI brings in a great networking platform for your students.

A CSC member gets information on CASI members, the latest research on sustainability and above all, this is a great way to learn how sustainability can be a part of business models across scores of corporates across the globe.

Setting up a chapter for CSR / Sustainability at your institute

  1. Application form: to be filled by a faculty / students
    If students fill this form, then a faculty has to issue a no objection certificate.
  2. Identify the Hon. Academic Advocate or faculty member who will serve as the student chapter advisor / mentor. If the institute does not have an Academic Advocate, please review the Academic Advocate program
  3. The students, faculty advisor and local chapter should work together in starting a CASI Student Chapter. Contact the local CASI chapter coordinator/ regional director / regional general secretary who will be your contact between the CASI student chapter and the local chapter.
  4. Draft bylaws for the student chapter, ensuring that it aligns with institute policy. You can use the bylaws template (link) or request assistance from . Email a copy of your bylaws to
  5. Ensure the chapter aligns with institute policy, and is organized as an official student activity within the institute.
  6. Elect a student council for the group, including a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
    Inform details of the elected council / chapter members to CASI
  7. Preferably create a web page that should be located in the student activities section of the institute website. This website should preferably be public so anyone is able to search it.
  8. Ask for a webpage on CASI website, this will help the institute keep CASI credential holders informed about the institute activities and candidates available for placements
  9. Create a schedule of events and meetings to hold throughout the academic year. Meetings should be open to any students interested in the cause of CSR and sustainability.
  10. Coordinate with the local CASI chapter in sponsoring the events, so they will provide refreshments, assist in printing flyers and provide guest speakers. CASI needs to be kept informed about all activities.

To start a CASI student chapter (CSC), Please encourage a faculty member to be become a Hon. Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.

Student representative

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Academic Lead

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