Extended Benefits

“Corporates prefer CSR certified employees”

CASI is the catalyst in this movement. This is the first step towards involving every employee in CSR and finally towards having a world class CSR activity by every corporate. The basics of CSR & sustainability are perhaps as important as basics of business for a student. Such an approach adopted by every education institute will lead to better citizens. We are at the forefront of this movement.

“Business Schools must integrate CSR in core courses”
“Corporations as well as B Schools should strive towards integrating CSR and Sustainability with their business strategies & Curriculum”
John Elkington, Founding Partner & Executive Chairman, Volans
Originator of Triple Bottom Line concept
Source Economic Times, February 2014, India

Extended benefits

Continuing membership

The program is designed as such that you need to stay in touch with other CASI members. Maintaining your CASI credentials is a must. Apart from a nominal yearly membership fee, there is a process in place which ensures you stay abreast with the latest developments in the fields of CSR, accountability and sustainability.


A world class blog for CASI credential holders is a platform created to share views. This blog ensures you network with some of the best minds from academia and corporates. This blog also equips you with opinions and views with in the subjects. A participation in these blogs allows you to learn from


CASI members, mentoring board and regional directors are amongst some of the best minds from across the world. Such a network ensures you are in touch with the latest in sustainability, accountability and CSR.
Once you clear your CASI exam, you get a membership to one of the Regional chapters. Regional chapters are extended virtual arms of CASI. Face to face meetings and seminars organized by Regional chapters allow you to interact with local thought leaders and CxO’s of corporates.  Consulting assignments undertaken by our academic associates are freely shared and members of regional chapters are encouraged to participate in these consulting assignments.

A great network ensures your journey “From Knowledge to Behavioral Change”

Regional chapters

CASI has regional chapters in multiple cities and has planned for similar chapters across the world.
Participation in a regional chapter gives you a face to face access with some of the best minds from academic and corporates. A CASI credential gives you free membership to a regional chapter.
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Student Chapters

CASI encourages students to form student chapters at education institutes and universities.
Memberships to these chapters are free* of charge. Along with free memberships to students, two professors are also eligible for a free certification**
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