CASI Student Representative

Student Reps have played a significant role in bringing about many positive changes for students, researchers and working professionals. Being a Student Rep is a unique opportunity to shape the educational experience that you and your peers receive at CASI. The role also gives you the opportunity to meet other students, researchers, working professionals and consultants, Learn more about CSR, Strategy & business, develop employability skills and get involved in CASI campaigns.

Every institute has a designated CASI academic lead (designated & certified professor): please contact your lecturer, supervisor or School administrator to find out when your Student Rep selections are taking place.

Why Should You become a Student Representative?

Knowing your voice can really make a difference to student life at BU.

  1. Great Networking opportunity leading to placements
  2. Full training on your role before you start
  3. Free prestigious Student Rep certificate & trophy
  4. Learn how to survey opinion in an unbiased way.
  5. Discover how to speak up for other students effectively.
  6. Experience meetings where your voice can really make a difference
  7. Improve the experience for all students
  8. You could win an award! “Best Student Rep Award”
  9. Interact with CASI regional directors, mentoring board building lifelong contacts with leading CxO’s
  10. You will increase your employability.
  11. You will gain transferable skills; inclusive of, but not exclusive to communication, negotiation, problem solving, time management and team work.
  12. You will help to drive change within your Faculty and on your course.

Primary Role / KRA

Act as the bridge between CASI certified working professionals and students.
Promote the cause of CSR & Sustainability
To manage the student chapter at your institute

Secondary Role / KRA

Assist Academic Leads and CASI trainers in consulting assignments and trainings
Work with SME / MME in developing business models encompassing sustainability as a business strategy
To collaborate with NGO’s, other student chapters and corporate chapters

Why is a Student Representative required

  1. To be the voice of students studying on your course
  2. To take active engagement with how decisions are made.
  3. To liaise with your Course Director and Tutors on a regular basis.
  4. To represent your peers opinions and interests and address issues that impacts the quality of the educational experience at CASI; by attending events and meets
  5. To work with CASI mentoring board to develop policy, end bad practice, and educate students about important issues within their education.
  6. To keep abreast of student issues amongst your course, through actively engaging the opinion of your peers
  7. To solicit feedback / information to various committees, and institute / University staff as appropriate

Time commitement

Three (3) hours per week would be ideal

Who Can Apply

  1. Any student of any institute / university / college / school: which supports the cause of CSR & Sustainability may apply
  2. There are no charges for the same
  3. Ideally the rep should be CASI certified
  4. Can be from any education stream
  5. Leadership skills and presentation skills are essential
  6. Desire to learn and commit to the cause of CSR & sustainability is a pre-qualification
  7. Ability to organize events and interact with senior working professionals

Student Chapter

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Student Associate Certification Program

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