CASI Student Chapter

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

CASI Student Chapter

CASI Student Chapter (CSC)


For Companies

Strategy Consulting Services / Interns focused on sustainability and CSRIdeology at CSC is that working with companies on sustainability and CSR catalyzes change most efficiently, while also providing students with the necessary skills to become business leaders. CSC provides start-ups & corporates intern teams which are creative, intelligent, and passionate about sustainability. CSC member students are ready to tackle and learn from firms’ most challenging strategic issues. CSC strives to demonstrate to students and the public alike that business success and corporate sustainability go hand in hand.


For Students

Skill Development and Real World ImpactCSC member students have the opportunity to staff or lead consulting projects with local start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates and thought leaders. CSC professors provide on-site training and mentorship, allowing corporate employees and member students to hone their strategic thinking and abilities while directly applying their skills to developing a sustainable business model and CSR strategy. Student members will learn about strategy consulting, sustainability and energy issues, and business development. With a final goal of creating a  corporate strategy that has sustainability as its core.


For Society

Strike a Balance CASI Student chapters invite the public to a speaker series on “Corporate Sustainability” on and off campus, which engages them on multiple topics on CSR strategy, sustainable business models and accountability.The society at large benefits form interaction with CSC members and supporting regional chapters.


A ‘CASI XYZ University Student Chapter’ is a virtual association based at the education institute. This is formed as collaboration between CASI and XYZ university.
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To start a CASI student chapter (CSC), Please encourage a faculty member to be become a Hon. Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.

Student representative
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CASI has student chapters based at multiple education institutes, Please click on link above to view the list.

Our Honorary Regional Directors and other office bearers regularly reach out to colleges to form an association in form of a student chapter. These chapters are our grassroot level representations to promote the causes of CSR & Sustainability.

Further, every student chapter is assigned a ‘Mentor’ to hand hold the student members. Members of the student chapters are automatically members of the regional chapters.

Please write  to us on for a copy of the updated list.