The CASI Pro is a credential applied for by professionals and middle / senior management practitioners from across the Globe. The Pro certification is a credential proving your knowledge in the applied fields of CSR & / or Sustainability. This is not only a great credential but also a coveted title’ the world over.

The Pro is a Title that professionals choose to use. Once you clear the examinations and the process you will be able to use the title as in

“CASI Global CSR Pro | CASI Global Sustainability Pro”

Where Pro’ stands for professional !!.

 CASI Global CSR Pro

Is aimed towards finance & Human Resources professionals.

The Balance Sheet contains details on the spend on CSR activities undertaken by your company. When you sign a balance sheet, you automatically agree to the CSR spend; and the corresponding tax deductions.

As a Human resource professional, it is imperative that you get a credential in CSR. The CASI Pro is ideal because of the global recognition it carries.

A Basic knowledge of CSR and Sustainability, Taxation, Legal standpoint and Global Accounting Policies thereof is the broad framework of the portion of CASI Pro. We encourage Chartered Accountants / CFA’s / Lawyers and other finance, Human Resources and legal professionals responsible for a company’s CSR budget and activity to enroll for the CASI Global CSR Pro

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CASI Global Sustainability Pro

Is aimed at Professionals and Senior / Middle management practitioners from Manufacturing / Supply Chain / Chemicals / Information Technology / Infrastructure / electrical or white or brown good / appliance manufacturing and related backgrounds. If your product, process or policies are affected or will be affected by share holder activism, Then this program is for you.

If you work for a large organization and will be affected by principles of responsible investing: it is imperative that you appear for the CASI Sustainability Pro.  The credential is also a must for managers responsible for sourcing since most corporates globally have not adopted very stringent principles / policies in sourcing.

If you are a fund manager or a credit officer in a bank, the CASI Pro will help you understand the implications of responsible investing and risks associated in lending to corporates who do not follow the Principles of Responsible investing.

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Program Details

  1. CASI Global Pro is a 9 month program
  2. Batches begin in January, April, July and October
  3. Admissions process begins 90 days prior
  4. Exam consist of Online exam plus a note on CSR / Sustainability
  5. Cost INR 35,000/-
  6. Associated costs apply* Please refer brochure for costs associated with maintaining this credential
  7. On achieving this credential, Please use the title for example

CASI Global CSR Pro Nisha Sharma | CASI Global Sustainability Pro Jane Smith


All pass outs of CASI Global CSR Pro & CASI Global Sustainability Pro automatically become members of regional chapters and are termed as honorary office bearers.  Please write to for further details.


Honorary Regional Directors/ Office Bearers (link)