Fellow Program

Integrating CSR & Sustainability within business models is an approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by appropriately optimizing opportunities across the economic, environmental and social bottom lines and ensuring sustainability in products, processes and policies

What is a Fellow Program?

The CASI fellow credential is an examination which allows the certificate holder to showcase his excellence in CSR & sustainability. It is a certification bestowed upon you once you showcase your knowledge and execution capabilities in the field of CSR / Sustainability. It is a platform where you ideate, plan and execute a project that benefits your company, stake holders, customers and / or the society as a whole. This is in form of a thesis. In addition to this: a fellow certification is your promise to engage young minds in CSR and sustainability through lectures and white papers.

Important: All fellow credential holders are automatically members of regional offices as Honorary Office Bearers. Please write to for further details


The CASI Fellow is not only a great credential but also a coveted title the world over. CASI Fellows’ are authorized to use the Title in the following manner:

“CASI Global CSR Fellow Jane Smith”

“CASI Global Sustainability Fellow James Hunt”

Why is excellence in CSR & Sustainability imperative for Senior Management Practitioners, CxO’s and Senior Academicians?

“Sustainability is not an option but a business imperative for us”

Infosys Sustainability report 2013 – 14

Growth is inseparably linked to the wellbeing of a corporates ecosystem including all stake holders’ viz. employees, business partners, channels, investors, customers and the community at large.  Increasingly governments and societies are pushing corporations to comply with sustainable business rules and regulations. A growing expectation is that a business must make itself sustainable – financially, socially and environmentally. Companies are realizing that investing in sustainability results in higher revenue and productivity; in addition to the obvious benefits to the world.

With increasing number of corporates realizing the importance of CSR and sustainability, it is imperative that the demand for professionals and academicians / consultants will grow exponentially. A Fellow program in CSR & Sustainability serves this purpose.

Why do you need a CASI Fellow credential?

Having proven your expertise in business brings you to a cross road where further accolades are not only through business or operational expertise but through demonstrated sensitivity towards the environment, society and demands of every stake holder. CSR and Sustainability being an integral part of business; a fellow program credential showcases your expertise.

With millions of corporates struggling to build in sustainability within their business models, the CASI certified professional stands apart and is often looked upon to bring in CSR and sustainability angles within businesses and business models.Originator of Triple Bottom Line concept

Why should you enroll?

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