CASI Certifications

CASI offers multiple certifications based on your experience and experience. These are globally acclaimed and recognized.

Our certifications are designed to support of vision that “Every corporate should ensure that each employee has a basic knowledge of CSR & sustainability. This is as important as having every employee understand that the company needs profits to survive.” & “Every education institute should have certified professors and should incorporate CSR & sustainability as a part of the core curriculum.”

For Students: CASI certification: Student Associate/ Pro

Graduate & post graduate level students are encouraged to enroll for this program.

We believe these certifications will not only help the student understand basics of CSR & sustainability but most importantly help him be a preferred employee and a responsible citizen on the world.

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For practicing managers: CASI certification: associate

Corporate Employees across levels & verticals are encouraged to enroll for this program.

Corporates across the world prefer CSR certified employees. This certification is a much valued credential by hiring managers.

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For employees of Hospitals, NGO’s & Government bodies: CASI certification: associate

Proof of employment required.

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For Professors & employees of education & research institutes: CASI certification: Academic Lead

The onus of preaching the right values lies on professors. The academic lead certification is offered to academicians free of cost. (conditions apply)

Proof of employment required.

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For Trainers & coaches: CASI certification: Certified Trainer

Proof of employment required.

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For CXO’s / Head HR / Head CSR / Dean : CASI certification: Fellow

For sponsored employees only

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Which Certification is right for me?

1. CASI Student Associate

Corporates today prefer to recruit students with a basic understanding of CSR. Given the fact that more and more corporates are keen to have their CSR intertwined with their business model, and shy away from just donating money: this makes it imperative that students develop a basic understanding and a working knowledge of CSR & sustainability. CSR certified employees will soon become an international norm; this is the time to be prepared.

While most colleges / institutes and university accept this fact, few are really prepared to offer courses in CSR. Our CASI student associate certificate gives them this edge.

Other Benefits

While the core benefit of this certification is the ability to interlink your business model to the right cause of CSR, preferred placements & a great network bring in the right linkages for placements.

Preferred Rates for Graduate & Post graduate students.

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2. CASI Associate

For working professionals

CSR certified employees are a dream come true for every corporate. When employees have a basic understanding of sustainability and CSR norms, it becomes much easier for corporates to have a successful implementation of CSR activities. Further the quality of CSR activities and the success rate goes up when employees have knowledge of CSR.

Finally, when employees have a basic knowledge of sustainability: it becomes much easier to pick the right cause and work towards successful achievement of your CSR goals.

While this certification is for employees at all levels with an inclination towards CSR, it is imperative for employees within HR and CSR teams.

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3. CASI Pro

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4. CASI Certified Trainer

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5. CASI Academic Lead

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6. CASI Fellow

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CASI Certified Corporates & CASI Certified Institutes

Apart from individual certifications, CASI also works at a corporate, university or an institute level. Corporates keen to obtain a CASI certification at an organizational level, please write to

Universities & Institutes keen to obtain a CASI certification at an organizational level, please write to

CASI Certified Institutes and Universities

Enhancing value through collaborations and partnerships with universities and educational institutes; CASI has tie ups and alliances with universities and education institutes.

Jointly with CASI multiple universities and institutes offer a program in CSR and sustainability. The knowledge base and the global experts network at CASI provides the base and combined with the local knowhow and professors based at institutes creates a symbiotic relationship where students benefit from this unique combination.

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Institute and University alliances