CASI Associate Certification Program

The CASI associate certification program is a flagship program offered to working professionals across all streams. The underlying objective behind this program is to equip professionals with a basic knowledge of CSR and sustainability. This is in line with our core belief that “corporates prefer CSR certified employees”

CASI Associate Certification Program:

This certification program is for you if, you are currently a working professional across any stream across any company.
Sustainability is today an integral part of a business model and hence this program is recommended for working professionals across all verticals regardless of them pursuing engineering, management, finance or science as a core function.
A CASI credential helps you become a preferred employee, world over!!

Why should a working professional (HR or NON HR) get a CASI credential?

The essence of strategy is choosing a unique and valuable position rooted in systems of activities that are much more difficult to match, with the final idea being ‘better and higher output for lower inputs’
Strategy is at the core of any corporate and is at the forefront of factors dramatically reshaping the economy. Strategic management is a fast-paced and intellectually stimulating career option that attracts some of the best and most ambitious minds. To operate at the cutting edge of this industry and   stretch the boundaries of knowledge and practices in such a competitive environment demands professionals who are able to combine extensive field expertise, outstanding analytical & research skills with critical thinking.
Today sustainability and CSR are an integrated part of strategy.

Regardless of your function and area of expertise, Sustainability is at the core of what you do. A CASI credential helps you establish this.

The certification

The certification not only adds to your knowledge and CV value, it also ensures that you remain in touch with the latest in CSR, sustainability and accountability. The CASI membership which comes with the certification ensures you network with some of the best minds from across the world.
If you are a working professional and believe that the core strategy of a company or business model should be intertwined with CSR & sustainability, then this program is for you.

The exam format

60 multiple choice questions: 90 minutes
Designed by some of the best minds from IIM
And a yearly membership qualification criterion ensures that you continue to grow with CASI.


INR 7999/-
Link to payment here
And additional fee for maintaining your credential is applicable. Please refer link for the same.
Link to maintaining your credential

Reading material

Online material, access is granted to students on payment of fees. This reading material is updated every six months.
Apart from the portion for the examination, students, members and credential holders are advised to regularly go through interviews, opinions and other material available on the CASI website. Staying abreast with the latest on sustainability is a promise you make when you undertake a CASI membership.


  1. Unit 1: Introduction of CSR
  2. Unit 2: Stakeholders in CSR
  3. Unit 3: Current Trends in CSR
  4. Unit 4: Ethics, CSR and Corporate Behavior
  5. Unit 5: Performance Evaluation and Reporting
  6. Unit 6: Implementation of CSR
  7. Case studies.

Admissions requirements

If you are a working professional, we encourage you to enroll for the Associate certification program.

Application form

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Regional chapters

CASI has regional chapters in multiple cities and has planned for similar chapters across the world.
Participation in a regional chapter gives you a face to face access with some of the best minds from academic and corporates. A CASI credential gives you free membership to a regional chapter.

Click here for Regional Chapters

Student Chapters

CASI encourages students to form student chapters at education institutes and universities.
Memberships to these chapters are free* of charge. Along with free memberships to students, two professors are also eligible for a free certification**
Click Here  to student chapters

“India Inc. Must Embrace Mandatory CSR”

Harvard Business School Dean, Nitin Nohria
Source Economic Times, Mumbai, India 18th December 2014