CASI Academic Lead Program

Academic Lead (Honorary Academic Lead)

Academicians and professors have an opportunity to benefit from CASI credentials as Academic Lead / Honorary Academic Lead

An Academic Lead Certification is a must for Academicians across universities, colleges and other degree granting institutions. While professors and teaching assistants may apply for a self sponsored program, this certification is given Honorary* to two faculties nominated by institutes where CASI has student chapters.

This is certification aimed at faculties across disciplines in Masters, Post Graduate, and graduate level programs, at universities and/or colleges offering one or more degree courses. The faculty member, thus applying for the ‘Honorary’ certification is expected to be a full-time, or a recognized adjunct lecturer, but exceptions can be authorized by the university. However such a complementary* certification is granted only to two faculties in each institute where CASI has a student chapter. Needless to say a student chapter is also setup free of charges.

IN case the institute / university does not have a CASI student chapter, then the Academic lead credential is not granted on a honorary basis. But at a full cost basic. The CASI secretariat may however grant exemptions to this.

In addition to complimentary certification and associated benefits, Hon. Academic Lead have access to CASI resources, such as case studies, model Syllabi and other valuable teaching aids — in exchange for agreeing to share their own teaching materials and for helping to promote CASI Student Membership and more importantly the cause of CSR & sustainability.

The Idea

Sustainability is gaining strength from various quarters including shareholder activism, educated stake holders and the community at large. CASI philosophy is that a higher level of understanding of sustainability and CSR will lead to improved action and result in over all good.
CSR is clearly not an actionable for HR department as a silo: the imperative lies on every employee and every citizen.
CASI believes that it is imperative to share and collaborate across industries and academia to build the knowledge, solution and talent for this challenge.

CASI is creating a strong tradition of research & collaboration with academia and to further enhance this, the goal of Academic Lead is to strengthen and expedite these alliances by reducing barriers and complexities in the understanding & adoption of the best practices of CSR & sustainability.

The initiative also intends to use various engagements to develop relationship with institutes starting with knowledge awareness initiatives, student projects, curriculum enablement development tuned to current industry needs and collaborative research. This will be supported by vibrant and sustained interaction with students and academia using platform where academia, students and organizations come together to discuss, share, build knowledge and create future directions.

Hon. Academic Lead Program

CASI Academic Lead augment their own career prospects whilst providing students with the direction & guidance in thought process they need to achieve successful careers.

Two faculty members per institute/ university / college across disciplines: are invited to become Hon. Academic Lead of CASI.

Expand your scope as an academician. Through CASI’s Academic Lead Program, educators have the opportunity to guide students from the classroom to the workspace; providing a higher level of knowledge, network and experience they need to establish successful careers.

What’s in for you?

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Create a CASI Student Chapter at your campus

Form Student Chapter

Student Chapters

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

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Regional Chapters

A Regional Chapter is recognized by CASI as a virtual local constituent, with the objective to develop a platform and facilitate professionals to come together, meet, learn, and interact on the theme of sustainability and CSR.
A local chapter enables this, by organizing events and providing opportunities to its local community of professionals for Volunteering, Networking, and Building Knowledge.

The primary goal of CASI: to disseminate the knowledge of sustainability & CSR and to enable professionals from all walks of life to come together on a common platform: is profoundly supported by local chapters.

Regional Chapters play a very important role and manages key stake holders including CASI credential holders, academia, industry and community at large. Finally, it’s all about empowering professionals with knowledge and skillsets to integrate sustainability within their business models.
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The program
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Maintaining the academic lead certification
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