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CASI Associate Certification Program

CASI is the global certification institute dedicated to promoting the cause of sustainability, accountability and CSR. CASI offers multiple certification programs offered online. CASI also has a virtual presence across cities in the form of regional chapters. Senior working professionals and academicians are members of these regional chapters. All CASI credential holders automatically become members of these regional chapters. Regional chapters are virtual extensions of CASI.
Additionally, CASI student chapters are present at various education institutes and universities where free memberships are available for students. Please log on to to know us better.

The CASI associate certification program is a flagship program offered to working professionals across all streams. The underlying objective behind this program is to equip professionals with a basic knowledge of CSR and sustainability. This is in line with our core belief that “corporates prefer CSR certified employees”

“I would like to see people applying for a job…to show in their cv…that they are committed to social causes”

Michael Hastings : global Head of Citizenship and diversity: KPMG

“Corporates prefer CSR certified employees”

CASI is the catalyst in this movement. This is the first step towards involving every employee in CSR and finally towards having a world class CSR activity by every corporate. The basics of CSR & sustainability are perhaps as important as basics of business for a professional. Such an approach adopted by every citizen, institute and corporate will eventually lead to better CSR and sustainability for the world. We are at the forefront of this movement.

“Business Schools must integrate CSR in core courses”

“Corporations as well as B Schools should strive towards integrating CSR and Sustainability with their business strategies & Curriculum”

John Elkington, Founding Partner & Executive Chairman, Volans
Originator of Triple Bottom Line concept


CSR Education & Sustainability Institute

Certification Programs in Sustainability & CSR for professionals.
Professionals across manufacturing, finance, HR, IT, Sales, Strategy or operations have the option to use sustainability techniques for a better tomorrow. Sustainability and CSR are not confined to HR or board members. Businesses across the globe are working on identification of the right sustainability model; so that the same can be intertwined in their business models. Corporations across the world are increasingly enabling their employees to participate in corporate CSR activities. CASI aims to be a catalyst in this movement.

We believe in constant innovation using sustainability& CSR, which is tested in the rigor of the practical world so that cutting edge solutions are delivered to the business world. This in turn results in understanding and creating best practices which can be shared & adapted globally. This would help create case studies and research for business and is a demonstration of our philosophy of “networking based excellence.” The programs offered by CASI are the culmination of this ambition and belief.
CASI Associate Certification Program:
This certification program is for you if, you are currently a working professional across any stream across any company.
Sustainability is today an integral part of a business model and hence this program is recommended for working professionals across all verticals regardless of them pursuing engineering, management, finance or science as a core function.

A CASI credential helps you become a preferred employee, world over!!

Regional chapters

CASI has regional chapters in multiple cities and has planned for similar chapters across the world.
Participation in a regional chapter gives you a face to face access with some of the best minds from academic and corporates. A CASI credential gives you free membership to a regional chapter.
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Student Chapters

CASI encourages students to form student chapters at education institutes and universities.
Memberships to these chapters are free* of charge. Along with free memberships to students, two professors are also eligible for a free certification**
Please refer link to student chapters


“India Inc. Must Embrace Mandatory CSR”

Harvard Business School Dean, Nitin Nohria
Source Economic Times, Mumbai, India 18th December 2014


“Basic knowledge of Sustainability & CSR is an essential requirement for every employee of a company”


IBM Report

“When aligned with business objectives, companies are beginning to see that CSR can bring competitive differentiation, permission to enter new markets and favorable positioning in the talent war”

With millions of corporates struggling to build in sustainability within their business models, the CASI certified professional stands apart and is often looked upon to bring in CSR and sustainability angles within businesses and business models.

“Corporations as well as B Schools should strive towards integrating CSR and Sustainability with their business strategies & Curriculum”

John Elkington, Founding Partner & Executive Chairman, Volans
Originator of Triple Bottom Line concept
Source Economic Times, February 2014, India