CASI Certified Institutes and Universities

Enhancing value through collaborations and partnerships with universities and educational institutes; CASI has tie ups and alliances with universities and education institutes as a knowledge partner.

Jointly with CASI multiple universities and institutes offer a program in CSR and sustainability. The knowledge base and the global experts network at CASI provides the base and combined with the local knowhow and professors based at institutes creates a symbiotic relationship where students benefit from this unique combination.

How this tie up works

CASI collaborates with institutes and universities to promote the cause of CSR & sustainability. There are three basic value propositions.

1. Universities and institutes keen to offer CSR & sustainability as a core subject within their curriculum opt for the CASI certification exam. This enables them to leverage on the global expertise and network of CASI.

Students of these institutes appear for the CASI exam and these marks are reflected on the mark sheet.

Corporates prefer CSR certified employees and one of the objectives of CASI is to work with universities and institutes in achieving their objective of enabling students prepare better for a corporate career.

CASI student chapters are set up at these institutes. These chapters assist students in networking & placements.

2. Universities and institutes keen to develop / offer program in CSR & / or sustainability partner with CASI and develop a curriculum which suits their geography and student community.

These programs are then offered as full time or part time programs by these institutes.

3. Universities and institutes keen to develop a consulting wing in CSR & sustainability partner with CASI; in particular CASI regional chapters

4. Trainers keen to develop proprietary certifications on CSR & sustainability are encouraged to reach out to CASI. Our mission is to promote the cause of CSR and for this we would be happy to work alongside training companies.

How this benefits students

Today’s uncertain business scenario calls for a renewed focus on enhancing value. Young managers and professionals must surpass expectations of the past constantly —delivering results and value that achieve strategic objectives while also positioning their organizations to outpace the competition and secure future gains. And they’re challenged with achieving all these objectives with fewer resources, tighter deadlines and more demanding requirements. The final challenge comes from the fact that corporates have to intertwine sustainability concepts within their products, services and policies.

A CASI credential prepares students and professionals to meet this challenge.

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In a future where concepts of sustainability & CSR are ever-more intertwined with strategic alignment and success, CASI will continue to help universities and Institutes alike identify new ways to enhance value for their students

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