Activities of a CASI Student Chapter

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

What are the activities?

The primary focus is sustainability. CASI is dedicated to understanding & promoting research on how business models can have sustainability as a focus along with profitability. The following are the key result areas of the CSC

  1. The CSC members will work on reaching out to corporates in the vicinity and understand their efforts towards CSR & sustainability. Such research/ interviews may be published on CASI blog and site. Such research may also be circulated to corporates and community at large.
  2. CSC student & faculty members will conduct lectures at corporates in the vicinity
  3. CSC student & faculty members will conduct lectures at other institutes in the vicinity
  4. Act as a local think tank and engage in consulting for smaller corporates in the field of CSR
  5. Organize local level events to promote the causes
  6. Assist regional chapters in consulting local corporates on CSR & sustainability
  7. Assist Academic Lead / Professors in consulting assignments

The above KRA’s are expected to deliver dual results

  1. Promote the cause of CSR & sustainability: within corporates, businesses and the community at large.
  2. Enable the institute to reach out to corporates thus helping in placements and better corporate relationships.

Student representative

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