Academic Lead Program Exam Format

The Format

The procedure to attain the coveted CASI Academic Lead credential is in two parts. An online examination based primarily on our reading material and then a choice between a thesis or writing a case study.

Part 1: Online Exam

100 questions: objective with multiple choices.
120 Minutes

Part 2: Thesis Writing or Case Study

In addition to the written exam, participants keen to have the coveted CASI Academic Lead credential have to write a thesis related to CSR or Sustainability. They may opt to write a case study in lieu of the thesis.

Topics for the Thesis

The participant may opt for any one of the following topics for the thesis.

  1. Any one the ten principles of United Nations Global Compact
  2. Any one of the nine principles of national voluntary guidelines: India

Thesis Format

  1. 50 to 100 pages
  2. Including case studies supporting the principles from your country of origin
  3. Interviews of atleast 2 senior working professionals involved in CSR or sustainability: these professionals should have handled a budget of a minimum of USD 500,000/- towards CSR.
  4. Please note that this thesis is an open document and CASI reserves the rights to publish the same on its website or other communication material.


Case study requirements

  1. Detailed case study of a corporate house having sustainability strategy intertwined with its business strategy OR
  2. Detailed case study of CSR activities of a corporate house
  3. In both cases above the corporate should have a turnover of more than 5 Million USD.
    The idea of a case study is to examine a successful model and help spread best practice. The case study should help readers and practitioners identify venues for sustainability, understand processes and replicate within their business practices.

Please select any one: either a case study or a thesis.

Additionally, References

Two references are required.
Please fill in details of these references. CASI will initiate an email to your references.
CASI fellow credential will be issued on completion of all of the above requirements.