About Us

CSR & Sustainability Institute

The Concept of CASI+

CASI is the apex body dedicated to promoting research & education in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CASI will serve as the springboard for cutting edge research; provide a talent pool for industry, create a distinct community to share best practices and serve as a platform for recruiters.  CASI will lead the way in thought leadership.

CASI pursues its mission by educating management practitioners, students and academia on corporate social responsibility and related topics. CASI also maintains strong relationships with Indian and International corporates / education institutes / think tanks/ consulting companies which can serve as vehicles for career advancement. Further CASI consults corporates and helps them develop the right approach towards CSR.  Corporates initiating a CSR program for the first time can rely on the knowledge and expertise of CASI to develop their own CSR programs.

The programs brought to you by CASI are the first of its kind. With specially focused programs in the upcoming field of CSR; now students and practitioners can avail the opportunity to develop & refresh their knowledge and develop a focused network. Our world class mentoring board ensures you have great handholding whilst pursuing the programs.

CASI’s worldwide advocacy for CSR and sustainability is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification programs, extensive research programs, chapters and student communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.

Our Mission

To promote the cause, education and knowledge of corporate social responsibility & Sustainability, through certifications, certificates, events, training and memberships for individuals, corporates and educational institutes.

The Need of CASI

  1. CSR is too important to be left only for the CSR teams; we firmly believe involvement of each employee is the essence of success
  2. Sustainability is an essential part of the business model
  3. Growing strength of activists
  4. Government policy regarding CSR
  5. Sustainability & survival of business
  6. Finally, providing a platform for people who are keen to work on CSR but lack such a platform

Activities of CASI

  1. Spreading awareness through certifications & education programs
  2. Consulting corporates on CSR activities
  3. Consulting institutes to incorporate CSR education
  4. Research & case studies on CSR
  5. Events focused on CSR to help network & share best practices

What we are not

We are not a training institute: CASI is a certification body and encourages institutes to join us as official training partners
Our activities include examination, certification & creating a network leading to promotion of the cause of CSR & sustainability.
Management of CASI+
CASI’s outstanding network of mentors, guides, faculty & advisory board gives you a ready access to a great depth & range of thinking in the field of corporate social responsibility. The environment is greatly stimulating, supportive & collaborative.
CASI has multiple boards managing and promoting the cause of CSR. In addition to the three tiered approach mentioned earlier, CASI has regional teams under the guidance of regional working committees.

A Three Tiered approach

We have a three tiered approach in managing activities of CASI. Our world class mentoring board governs mentors and ensures direction to CASI. The corporate & advisory committee provides thought leadership & last but not the least, the working committee is the team behind the coordination that ensures smooth functioning.

One Track Target behind our certification programs

Corporates prefer CSR certified employees; we are the catalyst in this movement. This is the first step towards involving every employee in CSR and finally towards having a world class CSR activity by every corporate.

The basics of CSR & sustainability are perhaps as important as basics of business for a student. Such an approach adopted by every education institute will lead to better citizens. We are at the forefront of this movement.

All businesses are under pressure from activists, stake holders and the society at large, this pressure is simple; to ensure sustainability within all their products, processes and policies. It is imperative for every manager to inculcate the knowledge of sustainability within day to day business operations. CASI provides this opportunity. A certification by CASI ensures you not only have the knowledge but also the right network and certificates.

Our Vision

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